Artist Tero Annanolli


Tero Annanolli was born 1975. Tero grew up in a small town on the western coast of Finland. Annanolli graduated at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki (MA).  He is a multitalented person: Visual Artist, Art teacher MA and Art Developer. Annanolli has 15 years of experience in teaching art. At the same time Annanolli has been creating his career as a Visual Artist. He has continuously developed his artistic expression, and Annanolli has actively organized art exhibitions, both in Finland and abroad. For example, Annanolli’s latest international exhibition was in Jakarta, Indonesia 2016. He was awarded a gold medal at the London Cultural Olympiad, in 2012. He has been a member of the Olympic Fine Arts Association since 2014. Annanolli has spent extensive periods painting in both Paris and Rome.

Annanolli’s work has been praised for his versatile use of materials, and closeness to nature. Recycled fabrics are used as a base material for paintings, and he combines fabrics with leaf metals, in a surprising way. Annanolli typically chooses flowers, plants, landscapes, portraying humans as themes, for his paintings. Key issues in his artworks are surface, structure and the use of recycled fabrics, such as cast-off tablecloths, bedspreads and curtains.

“My works were inspired by nature and food – the life around us,” says artist Tero Annanolli. “I often explore new environments on foot, attuned to the scents and sounds, as well as the light in the early morning, in the evening, or after the rain. Wild herbs are something ordinary, and multidimensional at the same time. You can find them by ditches and in the fields, and they reveal fine shapes and flavors, and fascinating stories.” In his works, Tero has depicted the delicate nature of wild herbs, and has added touches of gold leaf that reflect the light streaming into the depths of the forest.

Rich in colour, Tero Annanolli’s paintings portray the passage of time, myths and visual layers: flowers, sculptures, birds and local flora. For example, the painting, “Life of a Man”, has been painted on a round tablecloth made by Finlayson, in oil, leaf metal and bottled Indian ink. Tero reuses old techniques to create impressive, layered paintings with great skill. Life of a Man portrays the head of a Florentine sculpture of a soldier, layered with the berries of the aronia shrub, and Bohemian waxwings from Finland. Together with the colour scheme of the recycled tablecloth, serving as the canvas, these depict the challenges of a man’s life.