XXVII ECWS Tampere Sympsium & workshop 10-13


August 12, 2024 at 3 pm | Culture House LAIKKU, Tampere

Come to draw lines with a stick and color ink.

Inspiration from plants, flowers, birds. Take your own tools with you.

Working in an experiential Art Workshop® is surprising and memorable. We

will make and manufacture our plotters and styluses in the workshop and

use the ancient oriental ink technique. A water-thinned bottle ink is used to

draw on an absorbent recycled paper base, combined with watercolor painting.

In the workshop, you can also use your old watercolor paintings.

The direction is based on visual artist Tero Annanoll’s strong artistic, pedagogical,

and art history knowledge and his creative approach to doing things

in a new way. Feedback often mentions skillful guidance and a supportive

atmosphere. The art workshop allows you to focus and explore your creativity.

The duration of the art workshop is 2 hours.

WORKSHOP CONTENTS | The art workshop is rhythmic and guided so that

the work progresses from initial relaxation to the power of color. The working

process is intense and meditative and helps to find the source of one’s


TO WHOM | Suitable for anyone - from different backgrounds and ages.

Art Annanolli Academy® is a registered trademark.

Tero Annanolli| Art of Pedagogy for Visual Arts

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