Finnish artist Tero Annanolli brings art to Jakarta to begin celebrations of Finland 100 years

Annanolli from Finland, a gold medal winner at the London Cultural Olympiad in 2012, is bringing some of his masterpieces to Jakartan will start celebrations of 100 years of Independence of the Republic of Finland in Indonesia. To celebrate the century, various events in Finland and across the world will be taking place in 2017. These events invite Finns and friends of Finland to come together. By exhibiting Finnish art in Jakarta Indonesian audience receives an authentic touch to the current field of art from Finland. The centenary of Finland’s Independence in 2017 will be the most significant commemorative year for this generation of Finns. The centenary emphasises Finland’s strengths, such as equality and democracy by offering diverse and international centenary program. The centenary year provides opportunities to better understand the past, experience the jubilee together and set the course for Finland’s future success. Annanolli was awarded the gold medal by London Cultural Olympiad in 2012 and has been a member of the Olympic Fine Arts Association since 2014. This year he has spent periods painting in both artistic capitals of Europe: Paris and Rome. Annanolli's work has been praised for his versatile use of materials and closeness to nature. Recycled fabrics are used as a base material for paintings, and he combines fabrics with sheet metals in a surprising way.